Menmaatre Seti

Who made you?

Who cloaked your flesh in stained coffee gravel?

Who pieced your squinted monolid eyes apart

bridged by nose and brow?

Who splashed tiny suntanned freckles

against your cheekbone?

Who molded your lips,

two honey tinted poets

engrossed softly together,

embraced by words

recited smoothly like a kiss?

Who gave you that smile

etched finely upon your face,

like the sun peeking below the clouds

and smog before it sets?

Who took the time the chisel muscle

finely beneath your flesh?

Who sculpted your face

to be the exact replica of the Pharaoh Ramses?

Who tooled your calves

and carved the simplest arches

and docile dimples hidden mildly

against your flesh?

Who made you into a man?


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