10 year old mutt

All that barking you would think you were being abused. Thinking your owners didn’t treat you right but I know that’s not true. They have lived next door to me since I was a little kid and so have you. Everyday I see Jan come out and feed you, and then I see Frank taking you on walks but it never seems to be enough for you.

What’s got you all riled up dog? The constant need to be heard and frightened for no reason at all.

Aren’t you worried you’ll lose your voice? Suddenly your throat will just give out from all of that loud ruckus and you won’t even be able to moan.

What will become of you then?
Would it kill you to be calm and collected for one day so I can get some peace?

There is nothing out there to harm us in this neighborhood, and even if there was you would never harm a soul; we all know you Charlie. You’ve got a hell of a bark, but what’s a bark without the bite?


4 thoughts on “10 year old mutt

  1. Maybe the dog, like us writers, has to keep barking or else he *will* lose his voice. And so he barks as a mad writer would, frantically filling up his world with the sounds of his heart, giving voice to the wild thoughts flying through his frenzied mind. Perhaps he is a genius of the dog world, his generations Vonnegut or Edgar Barker Poe.

  2. Maybe the dog barks, because it feels that it’d been ignored too long by its previous owners, and it’s only trying to get the attention it didn’t get from when it was younger???

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