A Good Fuck

Smoke exhaling from your nose
You flick your cigarette ashes down on the old concrete
Unaware of the people, the cars, the clouds, the loud orbit surrounding you
Your golden watch jingles as you plant the cigarette
Between your bruised cherry lips

All I do is stop and stare
These brown pupils expand in awe with everlasting need
Wanting to divulge under you, inside of you
In these lousy twenty years, I realized that the best paradise
Is the body, the breath, the scent of a stranger

Nothing matters
I long for nothing else
But for you to look up at me

I study your tan arms, look between the hairs on your skin
To find bulging veins and black ink
Your torso rising proudly at the sky

I want it all
For you to expose yourself to me
Hands to hold my hips
Your cigarette to reach my lips
You to entomb yourself into me
Our mortal bodies interlocking into one
You to destroy me in every beautiful way

And you do it,
You look up; honey-brown eyes engage
Some days, a good fuck is all you need.



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