The Pains of Pride’s Ambition

There is much glory to be had
when thrashing through the cover
of puffy clouds while wearing a cape,
etched with colors resembling patriotic appreciation.
But there is also the chance
to become a slave
to egotistical negativity,
which is seldom spoken of,
however, nothing shall come to fruition
after my agenda has touched,
what was once, preconceived destiny.
Having kidnapped this garment,
and hoisting it upon my mantel
for all to admire, much like a golden trophy,
I steal the success from beneath the nose
of its intended owner,
thus becoming, the one who holds all hope.
Perhaps this action renders me
a wielder of inappropriate ambition,
and leads me to being labelled
the disturber of once peaceful prospects.
You see, we are all victims
to villainy, allowing serpents
to take possession every now and again,
regardless of the intentions
that fuel these great endeavors,
and until the admittance of this fact,
I may forever remain an ignorant interloper,
forged by lustful circumstance,
but chained, by bitter antagonism.

Derek Childs, 10/28/14


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