“That is such bullshit, and you know it.”

Words I wish I had said, 
the words ringing in my reeling head

the honest words of the walking

And yet,
words I was too afraid to say
despite the lengths
I endured,
the dread I inferred,
and the spiderweb in which I interned

to stumble upon the opportunity.

Ballpoint impunity
is the wishful thinking of
foolish poets
and the words I regularly
wield with a flourish

failed me
the only time
I truly needed them.

There is no illumination
in the ruinous rumination
of cardiovascular failure,
neurological salience,
spiritual impairment,
contradictory tacticity

and the nostalgia of its
transcendent veracity.

Your words,

intended to highlight new perspective,
somehow managed
to reveal less 

than when I heard them secondhand
through the mouth
of eclectic woe.

I had hoped for something more,

but darling,
you were every bit the
vacant stone

I feared you would become.

Willie Watt



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