You, With The Grim Expression.

I see so many people wearing sunglasses. Like they’re afraid of making a lasting

Like they’re shielding their souls
from the sight of those
whose eyes would misdirect
their intentions.

Undeserving gaze.
Unnerving display of repressed camaraderie.

How do I feel so alone
with so many of you around me?

Pound me into dust,

lust and longing
artificial awning
the gnawing street sign
keeping us apart.

I must find a way
to partake
of this beautiful
parlor with you.

Why is your essence
so silent?

Can’t you see I’m ultraviolet,

a pulsing hieroglyph
in the spire of malleable
surrounding our mutual pathways?

I’m here for myself,
but there’s no contradiction in
hoping your cigarette flick
nervous tick
the hopeful heart you’ve bribed the mouth of time with
can ease the
pressure of my
solitary confinement.

My mind is both a receding waterline
and a door to greater oceans.

Open, open cruel world;

peel back your oyster of
bolstered misery.

Let me see your pearl.

Willie Watt



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