Thanksgiving Plans

She sat at her desk, hoping that the papers in front of her would grade themselves. They didn’t seem to be doing that, though. It was her prep hour so she didn’t have any students in the room this hour. The teacher who would teach in her classroom came into the room. She noticed he was looking just as good as usual. He had a rugged look to him kind of like John Wayne but less old and more handsome. It wasn’t a rural school district and he was definitely from a different county.

“Hey there. How was your weekend?”

“It was good. My football team won. How was yours?”

“Mine was good. I got a lot of cleaning done.She noticed his smile and the way he held his briefcase in his hands. She couldn’t help smiling. This back and forth was the best part of her day by far.

“Oh right. I’m thankful for my wife on days like those.” His wife, of course. She preferred to think that he was single, but, alas, he was not. She somehow forgot once in a while. Either that or she just lived in a fantasy world where there were leprechauns and unicorns and Mr. Williams was unattached.

“So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?” she asked.

“I’m going over to my brother’s house. He’s got a couple kids that are a little bit crazy so that’s going to be fun. All I care about is that I can watch football and stuff myself with turkey and beer and I’ll be fine.”

“Sounds like a good time,” she said, wondering if he would reciprocate the question.

“Well. Have a good prep hour.”

“Oh thanks,” she said, gathering up her stuff so that she could work in the teachers’ lounge. She waved goodbye as she walked out the door, hoping that he would realize that she was the woman of his dreams. That way he could leave his wife for her and they could live happily ever after. That didn’t seem to be happening any time soon, though.




Lunch time: her favorite time of the day. She didn’t grade papers or make lessons, she just sat, ate her lunch, and talked with the other teachers. They complained about certain students which was fun. She went to the fridge, got out her lunch box and sat down at the table. She was eating a turkey sandwich with an apple and chips. She didn’t pack a fancy lunch every day like some of the other teachers. She didn’t really have time to do that.

Mr. Williams walked in the teachers’ lounge as she opened her lunch box and began to dig in. Was it her imagination or did he look better now than he did an hour ago? Who knows. She just knew that she always enjoyed looking at him even if she could tell he was tired or frustrated with the students.

“Hey Miss Johnson. How is your day going? Is it getting worse just like mine does everyday?”

“Oh you know. Same old same old. The first half of the day is good. Then, fifth hour comes and they are all ready to go home and they don’t want to do anything.”

“I know what you mean. My seventh hour is the worst. I can’t stand those kids.”

“Yep. That’s how it goes.” She took a bite of her turkey sandwich. It was a bit dry, but it’s probably because she ran out of mayonnaise and she hadn’t had a chance to go to the store yet. She continued eating her sandwich as Mr. Williams started talking to Miss Fieldstone, the biology teacher. She kind of started daydreaming while she tuned them out.

She saw herself sitting at her dinner table, eating with her husband who just happened to be Mr. Williams. They were talking about each other’s days. After that, she served apple pie and they fed each other it.

They then sat on the couch and watched the night’s news. Then, he started feeling her up. They made out for a while and then he took her to the bedroom and they made love for an hour and it was beautiful.

“Hello? Earth to Miss Johnson. We were just talking about our plans for Thanksgiving. You never told me what yours were?”

“Oh sorry. I was just thinking about my lesson plans for tomorrow.”

“You didn’t look like you were thinking about lesson plans.”

“Yeah, so I’m going over to my parents’ house and my brother and his girlfriend are coming. It’ll be nice.”

“Cool. Sounds nice.” They finished their lunches and she went to teach her last three periods.


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