Final Thoughts

My jittery car has taken me as far as I can go.  A dead end street is where I will let it rest.  I turn off my exhausted engine and can finally breathe again.  The air is crisp and new, nothing like home. I jerk my seat back, and close my sunken eyes for the first time in days.  I’ll let the morning light wake me to a clean day.

Surprisingly, a brightness reflects off of my mirrors creating a  dusty halo glare throughout my car.  It’s staying there for too long, making me anxious.  I tilt my seat up, but cannot see anything besides these blinding lights.  A knock on my windshield startles my body fully upright.  I’m parked illegally.  I reach to roll down my window and my door is flung open.  An arm bigger than my body pulls my neck, and drags me from my car.  I don’t make a sound.  The lights are too bright to distinguish character but three shadows stand above my squinted eyes and frozen fingers.  I thought I had lost them.

Rapidly, I was kneed to the ground and my confusion was wiped away.  A small box duct taped under my car.  No matter how aimlessly I drove tonight, they were right behind me.  I couldn’t think of the end, or what was happening, as my body took endless abuse.  I could only think about you.

You are the first and last thoughts in my day.  I have never felt so alive with someone until I met you.  An altered happiness, and bliss controlled by your presence.  I took myself off this rocky pavement and transported myself back into your arms.  Back to the lazy days, and big dreams.  Your warm body and rough hands.  Your calm mind and racing heart.

I smile knowing my last thought is of your perfect soul.


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