YouTube Intellectual.

Inflated ego
configured for maximum

Jesus Christ with a parking citation.

Render unto Caesar the meager
worldly penance owed to 
penicillin deities;

belligerent diatribes
the self righteous creatine shake
of discernment
legitimized by the osmosis
of minds willing to do the legwork.

I purchase my understanding of the universe
in bulk
to better maximize
time basking in the solar flares
of unearned expertise.

Ph.D procured on lease,

teased out of partial knowledge
leached from conjecture
and its self assured canine on a less-than-critical

It’s more than a leap of faith
to say
we can borrow the gray matter
of history
by filling our forty-five second itineraries

with sound bite,
missionary position,
pre-determined disposition


Every single pundit has it wrong but me
because I’ve heard them all

them all
them all

because I’ve heard them all
I don’t understand it at all

Willie Watt


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