The world is inescapable

———————always being right there

shoved in your face

Consistant people with inconsistent motives

talking about this

———————or that

Surrounded by the overwhelming fear that they will


truly get to where they want to go – or –

—–they have already gotten there


Things are too expensive

——-Possessions are overrated

—————-People are unpredictable

Why cause a reaction when we all end up in the same place?

—————————-whatever we decide to surrender to

when it ends

Silence screams when confronted with anxiety


——-never what you expect once they open their mouths

The world is not changing

————The tides will not engulf the land

Forever is never long enough

———————there are not enough











——call outs


There is no sense in running

——————–the world is inescapable

Running to or away – it doesn’t matter

——————–you’ll always end up in the same spot

same body

————same vision

same smells

————same touch

same organs

There will never be enough fog to drown out the world

————————————only moments to make it a good one


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