Page 18

You’re telling me I’m not worth it
That I’m not good enough
You put me in storage
And check me out when needed

I’m not going to fight it
Or turn into someone I’m not
I give you who I truly am
And fall short of your wants

I will not change or dumb down
Nor will I alter appearance for anyone
I know who I am
And I will never be perfect

I spill more respect than I gather
I would take a bullet for my worst enemy
When others are miserable so am I

Call my extreme empathy a character flaw

I was different once
When I knew nothing of the world
Driven by innocence
My creativity was plain

I had a few moments
Years passed and I learned
My creativity is now what saves me
And it is dark and confusing but real

Plain is not an option my brain has
You’re not living if the truth isn’t near
I will never get why fronts drown individuality
I decided long ago not to play that game

So you place me on that shelf
And without interruption
I am your only option
Every time you’d take anything else

It’s not a bad thing
I know where I belong
It just hurts to have the reminder
When you flaunt my worth to the world

I have experienced enough
To know answers aren’t always there
I could blame it on my empathy
But then again
I know now it’s not all on me

I will turn around and walk
Sometime in the future
I just have to save some energy
And learn to not give it all away


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