Writer of the Week #2

This week’s writer of the week is Derek Childs. Give it up for Derek Childs, everyone! Be sure to visit his personal site as well for all of the latest.


Derek Childs is a published poet and editor, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. For those who wish to ask, no, he has never seen a kangaroo on the side of the road, he has never climbed Uluru, and he has never deigned to travel to the Sydney Opera House. At present a post graduate student studying creative writing, editing and publishing, in his spare time he is also an avid video gaming geek, an occasional cook (and kitchen pyromaniac), an aspiring connoisseur of sweet alcoholic beverages, a wickedly terrible dancer, a marketing and public relations enthusiast, an uncontrollable procrastinator, an advocator of mental health awareness, a writer with delusions of grandeur, and a believer in true love. If you wish, you may follow him on Twitter @DerekChilds1, or check out his blog: http://totalovrdose.wordpress.com/ which is often best avoided, unless you have already had a nice glass or two of red.


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