…Sought to Change The Ending.

Through the glare of the ghouls and goblins circling the fireplace,

You see where all battles hedge their way into

That cascading finale in a Helms Deep-type situation

And the two of you are dancing amidst the armies of time,

Harnessing the promises of Summer into the reality of the transition

Reminding each other of these seasonless days,

The days you’d both yearned for.

And you’re recycling phrases like “Worth It” for something more sustainable.

You return to the stigmata of doubt looming over this incredible moment.

The one that has at long last cast you as Rocky and her as Adrian.

And this is the night before the big fight.

You alone in the ring.

Eyes tethered to a postmodern Apollo that your destined to lose to.

In the empty Philadelphia arena, wreckage from a lost flight begins to accumulate.

Suitcases, engines, wing scraps, passenger seats…

Sand swarms under the ropes up until your knees

In the Jungle of the crowd a black fog howls

The transmission of the bonfires carry dead ended air

And as a result, gratitude in defeat will be ascribed.

You don’t need to be a pilot to soar


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