Writer of the Week #7

HA! Look, it’s Monday, and I noticed. This week’s writer of the week is Alice Clemens! Give it up for Alice Clemens, everyone!

Alice Clemens was born of scrawled ink blotched onto a paper, pieced together by inane scribblings and word doodles. Enchanted with the idea of entrapping emotions into meaningful squiggles, she employs written word as a refuge, penning pain neatly into discrete units which, once united, ultimately explicate. Clemens is fascinated by the role of the writer, unable to decide whether phrases are created and conjured by a writer, or whether a scribe is merely a conduit of predestined vocals waiting in the shadows to be birthed in scripted speech, never abandoning the possibility that the truth lies in a tumultuous marriage between the two. Her favorite pairing of words is the bittersweet utterance “asinine invocation,” which she believes encapsulates the miserable hope which propagates the human condition.


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