Bring Me A Cute Chinese Gal (For Easter)

I’m unsure
if there is a God – I’m an agnostic
at best, but
if I had a wish,
as I do now,
His name would be jettisoned
between my teeth,
after been fired from the depths
of my heart.
I have few prerequisites
for my future paramour,
though I must surely ask
she have the exotic eyes
of an Asian beauty,
whose seen visions of outstanding grace
that I shall never witness.
Her hair,
blacker than midnight,
and as luscious as first snow,
must curve around
the perfectly rounded features
of her face.
She must speak
with an obvious accent
(broken English is acceptable);
she needs glasses,
the willingness to speak her mind,
and an appreciation
for intellect.
It is true a cute Chinese gal
of this description cannot be caught
with ease (which is why
she’s worth more than all of this world’s riches),
and I have the wounds
to demonstrate this fact.
I’ve a Masters in applied heartbreak,
and the only broken heat
is my own,
as I recall an eastern beauty,
who once descended upon my door.
But destiny
is an unfair succubus,
and despite my many advances,
the answer was always
before it was even
breathed from her lips.
Her expression spoke senteneces
that were never said,
the silence wailing indefinitely
at the thought of our hands
being intertwined.
What I would not give
to have my ears
swallowed up by the adoring crowds,
as the woman of my dreams
and I
take to the stage,
and announce,
much like all those lucky
Western men
who ensnared a cute Chinese gal
of their own,
I am beyond happy
to have met
a perfect young woman
I can call
my heart and home.


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