Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,

It’s easy to forget that our minds are really the ones communicating here. I have these tools I am using to communicate with you. And you have your tools to perceive me. But what am I really saying? And why are you really listening? Is every word used to quench boredom an abuse of power? Is my mind distracted by all of the other brains trying to say unimportant things? How do we measure importance? By attention? Are all of these distractions going to add up to something bigger? These little details that everyone craves, are they hindering our ability to see larger pictures? You don’t know me, but I’m speaking to you now. It’s easy to forget everything we have is just a slow, large process to getting somebody else just a little bit closer to the answer. Or maybe we’re wasting too much time asking questions and not spending enough time wondering why we can even ask questions at all.

– holden lyric


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