Living Underwater 

I’ll be like those deep sea plants you know

The ones that no one ever talks about

Because they can’t conceive

That something can survive


Out of touch with our familiar

One of those plants

Comfortable with the bottom

And pounds of liquid

That hold them there

You can pass me

On your ship

More weight won’t faze me

Like it has before

We always grow to carry more

You can be

Somewhere far out

On your way to a great find

And greater things

Greater then a plant no one has

Touched on


You’ll feel it though

My presence in the deep sea

Even though we can’t see each other

In that moment

We can always be

As if miles of sea weren’t between us

As if distance was not a separation

But a place that was created

For people’s perception and excuses

But we become more than beings

Because we feel more than

Can be handled by structures

More than what is perceived

Or not

Carried out as routine

Which is never our way

We conclude something more

Something unexplainable

Because every soul is infinite

Though some shut out the truth

We don’t take that

As an explanation

We know the sounds of silence

And the moments that matter

I’ll be down below

Weighted by water

Then you

Weighted by air

And the unknowns that grasp

At us daily


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