Worms and Rot

I waited until you were too drunk to drive
to unstitch the flesh holding my innards
beside my bones, so you could never save me.
I have my doubts your attempted rescue
would have been perfected, after having blamed me
for every single wrong that ever harassed your life,
until the endless onslaught of derogatory remarks
left me feeling less than lifeless,
after having cried the salt infested liquid
that once existed behind my irises
during those younger years. There is little difference
between you, and those I went to school with,
the exception being, they were armed
with the nerve to threaten me; to assault me;
to humiliate me; to make me feel unsafe
inside my skin; you however, made me feel
unsafe inside your house. You threatened
to undo the mortal coils restraining me
to this Earth too many times to count,
but cowardice always bested you on each occasion,
never having an ounce of inner strength
to launch your ferocity into me with a serrated blade.
At your ripe old age, one should suspect maturity
to be equipped upon your person, but instead,
you repeat half the sentences I say with a tone
of utter spite; you mumble lines of obscene dialogue,
too pathetic to express these expletives personally,
and tug at your one inch cock when not a soul is looking,
still desperately clinging to a youth, long deceased,
after having no one fuck you in a decade.
I may have lied to you, and many others
along the journey here, but I never lied to myself,
and it is that crime you are guilty of.
I am surprised you have not already regurgitated
the bullshit you have devoured over the course
of a lifetime, but perhaps your stomach
has settled for accepting the fill of your often appalling,
and yet unmarked agenda. You, on many an occasion,
accused me of embodying much uselessness,
and yet it is I, who ends my life this night,
with the opening of arteries which run along my arms,
and as I lie upon the soil, waiting to be sucked
into a place of worms and rot, I catch
your reflection in my pupils, and announce,
how I have finally won.


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