Ought I risk becoming monstrous
to satisfy my lust? It has been said,
by some, the cultural barrier
between two lover’s,
though seldom reinforced,
can be cursed
by an awkward fate. If love
is to blossom between two hearts
from opposite corners of the world,
in which sweet copulation occurs,
the romantics, rather than suffering
at the hands of separation,
will be transformed
into horrific beasts.
Though it could be argued,
the hideousness
of such grotesque malice
would keep two people
from considering an affair,
the pain of not being next to you
would be all the more unbearable.
I would risk being mutated
into something vile,
if only to have you forever
at my side,
your smile,
so satisfying and so kissable,
being a blessing,
regardless the form it takes.
I am afraid
of not having you,
and though society cannot abide
such selfishness,
the pureness of my heart’s affection
proves the honesty of the commitment
I openly vow
to cherish.
If animalistic love
is what we must make
after the indoctrination,
then I shan’t produce threats
against the contaminating magic
for allowing your heart to remain
to my own.
If erected walls,
designed to stopper those
of different culture
and language
can be surpassed,
the burden
of beastly transformation
is certainly a simplistic hindrance,
and as I put
my lips to yours,
man or beast,
you will know the honesty
of my love for you.


4 thoughts on “Animal

  1. Seems like you’re about to play a dangerous game there, and, there’s NO way to know the outcomes of your own actions, until you took the leap, and, it usually doesn’t end well………

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