keeping up appearances

eyelids open, tar pupils
inform the world we are
stuck. count every movement
in seconds: one two three four
the door is opening, the
voices commence. count
every person by eye contact.
caught, you’ve been caught.
they’re speaking to you about
something so incredibly small.
you wish you could pay attention.
you wish you weren’t caught up in
larger pictures. hello my name is–
who do you know here–watch the
way the laughter makes
their body shift. watch the
way their eyes go wide
when they speak of simple
things. you wonder how
they’ve become so full
of motion, how they brush
the world so clean off their
shoulder blades. so well
groomed, inches of perfumed
perfection. they’re looking (dead)
at you. can they see you?
(can they really see you?)


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