I saw it wriggling
out of the immense distance
which had arisen between the world
and my idea of it, a mass without limits
and the texture of a sullen mood.

With curiosity, I watched
as all the good things I’d been expecting
unraveled into breakable threads
and drifted toward the center of that mass.

There was rain fastened to the clouds.
You made some comment on it,
but honestly, I wasn’t paying attention.

Sorry about that.

The aristocracy of my awareness
was finally being called out to pay
for its crimes against the serfs.

You can only prosper from the misery of others
for so long before you get called out.

But we never learn our lesson,
just go on repeating the same mistakes
so that time and again we’re lead
to the scaffold to give our heads
in recompense, each trip cloaked
in déjà vu. We wonder, each time,
what exactly is weighing down on us,
making each dreadful step so burdened
that the length of time between them seems eternal.

Tonight, heaven drops its hammer to the ground.
The resulting shock is felt within
at least a fifteen mile radius.
I have things I want to say to you
specifically that I know will never
make it past the embryonic stage.
Copper wires extend from my mouth to yours.
We are breathing, but heavily.

-r. miller


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