“don’t you think
nipples kind of
taste like pennies?”
you’re too pensive
for your own good.
“i think pennies
probably taste like
nipples.” i replied.

if life were as
eclectic as a
cheese platter
on a silver tray
i’d be poking
my toothpick
in its belly(ache)

i saw the battle
in your pupils
as you fought
with yourself
over the moral
gray area of
or not you
dare to reach
out your hand
and grab the
last piece of

sometimes i remember
the scene in almost famous
where the guy stands on
the roof of the house
ready to jump in the pool
and the enemy just sits
there wishing he was
deep enough to give
the perfect last words.

there was a dead cat on
the side of the road
you were poking it with
a christmas candy cane
decoration from the yard;
it slid like cardboard
on the asphalt.


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