pourquoi story

so in this dream we’re lying in the grass in an unrecognizable location and i’m speaking simple french to you because apparently i’m taking a class (again) and your eyes are straining to understand me and i don’t know how to tell you how u n i m p o r t a n t my words are désolée but our bodies are still the same tongue je suis fatiguée and they understand each other more than most i think and i lean into you and inhale your sadness happy leap year i say with a kiss


4 thoughts on “pourquoi story

  1. L’un de mes favorites. It’s a comfort that often even when language falls short, our minds and bodies find a way to commune.

  2. Very nice! That ending is really kick ass! Yes, I agree with the lady above – some people discuss language barriers prohibiting communication, however, I believe there are unanimous practices that ensure comprehension. Again, excellent work Holden!

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