Now available, ¶: unspeakable poems by Holden Lyric

¶: unspeakable poems
¶: unspeakable poems

How often in life do we leave the things we most wish to say unspoken? Out of fear or shame, we greet our words with the callous axe of the censor; from the depths of the ego, the id writhes and calls out, desperate to be heard. In her latest manuscript, ¶: unspeakable poems, Sara Khayat uses strike through format to give voice to these unspoken things: things we should’ve said but didn’t, things we longed to say but couldn’t. Ambitious, rewarding, and dazzlingly composed, ¶: unspeakable poems is a work that should not go unread.

¶: unspeakable poems is available here. Dig it!



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