The day My Feelings Drown

The difficulty
of pursuing affections
felt for you alone

is contrastable
to nailing water to walls,
amidst a flurry

of storms created
by my mind. Your heart, a sieve
I must soon conquer,

allows my feelings
for you to dribble into
darkened depths unknown,

where I am ignored
amongst a sea of other
could-be paramours,

whose sworn decisions
to favour you, has thus caused
them to drown within

an eternity
of suffering. With foul sweat
pouring down my face

and clinging to my
fingers, my thoughts, like webbing,
scratch the surfaces

of my fantasies,
tearing through the boundaries
distancing coarse

truth, from a gleeful
fiction. I constantly swim
towards where you stand,

battling wicked
currents, that tarnish attempts
to touch your burning

flesh, with the force of
battering hail. No sun shall
ever shine upon

my skin this morning,
as I sing these words to you,
through the early rain.

-Derek Childs

This poem is a response to the water prompt for #introtopoetry


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