Facing Fate Eternally

Where once my face was effaced
by beard, now, the trimmed remains
of tattered hair lay sprawled
across my feet. In times
where women were easily wooed
by men with facial hair, today,
ungainly whiskers are ill-equipped
to melt the hearts of potential
paramours. I do not wish
to boycott my advances towards
the sexy, sassy lady, whom
I would sacrifice all else for.
Though the touch of nudity
now permeates my features,
made vulnerable, where once
I felt so clothed, her hand,
caressing these cheeks of mine,
is better felt by these glowing
features. Her radiance stuns,
as does the smile that shines
whenever we two meet,
these eyes of mine having seldom
seen such happiness,
than when I witness her own,
dancing across my figure.

-Derek Childs

This piece was written in response to the ‘face’ prompt for #introtopoetry


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