Please Don’t Regret Having Loved Me

My sincerest apologies to you dear-heart,
for having abandoned you. I found only weakness
within my chest, when I should have uncovered
truest strength, to signify my resolve
to love you, only, always, forever. Instead,
I failed you, my words cutting deeper
than any razor has before. You felt pain that day,
where you never knew it could exist,
after having allowed me to consume
your most precious possession,
your punishment, for having loved me,
being a blister you could not burst
or remedy. For the briefest of moments,
I made you feel so special and unique,
though these accomplishments were rendered moot
when I silenced my genuine affection
for you completely. I thought at the time
it was an appropriate decision, when in fact,
I only entombed myself within a sadness
just as brutal, and never will I emerge
from the doldrums I plummeted towards,
until I ask from you the one thing I should never;
forgiveness, alongside a second chance
at proving myself to be the man
born to hold your hands in the grip of happiness.

-Derek Childs

This poem was written in response to the prompt ‘friend’ for #introtopoetry


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