An Appetite for Travel

I’m as chatty as a kookaburra
when contemplating the destination
I shall soon be visiting,
bouncing like a basketball
within the halls of my residence,
unable to contain my excitement.
A smile splits my face in two,
engulfing me in a happiness
I have not felt for an indeterminable
period. My fingers, like leaves
on the wind, shake at the thought
of arriving in a country, containing
multiple beauties, from exotic locations,
to exquisite cuisines, and very lovely
ladies. I shall march with much enthusiasm
through the waves on the golden
beaches, and admire the cultural
destinations that sprout forth like vines
upon every corner. I long for these
great travel plans, as I long
for a glass of wine each night,
my desire to visit places abroad
quenching this appetite of mine.

-Derek Childs

This poem was written in response to the prompt ‘journey’ for #introtopoetry


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