Ninth Issue Launch/Call for Submissions

Current Issue

The ninth issue of In-flight Literary Magazine is now available. It was managed by Ace Kingsly and edited by Michael J. Hetzler & holden lyric. This issue is a compilation of poetry, fiction, and art by:

Melanie Sherri Shaw

Karen Ankers
Prerna Bakshi
Lana Bella
Robert Beveridge
Mary Chydiriotis
Matt Clifford
Ashley Cooke
Natalie Crick
Anirban Dam
Darren Demaree
Freddy Garcia
John Grey
Christopher Hivner
James Croal Jackson
Nicole Melchionda
Tatiana Orr
Cindy Rinne
Barbara Ruth
Steve Shultz
Trina Teoh
Larry Thacker

Grove Koger
Alexis MacDiarmid
Todd Mercer
James Mulhern
Carly Stuart-Micocci
Zach Toth

Billy Burgos
Roger Leege
Dallin Orr
W. Jack Savage
Steve Shultz
Janice Suess
Lynn White

Call for Submissions

Submissions for issue ten of In-flight Literary Magazine are now open. The deadline to submit is December 15th.

If you would like your work to be considered for our tenth issue, please email

For poetry, please submit 3-5 poems for consideration. To get a feel for our style, feel free to roam around our site or previous issues.

For fiction or creative non-fiction, our word count limit has no minimum (feel free to run with that) and the maximum is 2,500 words.

For Art please send no more than five pieces (any form of media).

Simultaneous submissions are fine with us but please PLEASE please notify us as soon as humanly possible if it is published elsewhere.

Previously published work is okay, just let us know where so we can give proper credit where it’s due. Make sure to adhere to any grace periods provided by whoever has published it previously. If you’re unsure about grace periods, please contact your previous publisher.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any form of payment at this time. We allow one submission per issue per person.

Feel free to bring up any questions in the comments below or email us if you’re a shy artist (totally unheard of).


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