i am the moonside revery
    of your faintest dreams
  scarlet anthems of amaranthine passion
       fathomed in untouchable
                                         drunken delirium.

   i am your midnight clandestine
      vertiginous whispers of bedsheets
   and swansong,
      the anathema haunting the halls
                                         of your inverted sanitarium.

       i am the crooked dark
          edging over your body,
   the slender echo of your fingers
              on the lowest ebony key

   the love notes

                                        slipped between the letters.

          i am her
             broken clasp
          tarnished on the nightstand,

            the red lines raked across your back


                  the cracked fingernail

          dug too deep
                  into your

                                        aphotic ecstasy.

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