1. you laugh because people are always trying to kill me.
  2. we question the credibility of the concrete’s narrator.
  3. we sit in a circle to imitate intimacy.
  4. you mention robert bolaño.
  5. i mention pessoa.
  6. the trembling and cowardice.
  7. books begging for change.
  8. $19.95.
  9. my pockets are shallow.
  10. there is never warmth.
  11. just sticky discomfort.
  12. it takes a lot of bravery to write long poems.
  13. a deep voice commanding movement.
  14. a deep breath for preparation.
  15. you clear your throat.
  16. inhale a voice.
  17. i found a book by a lebanese author.
  18. there was no translation.
  19. i want to reverse time and belong.
  20. now the in between is acid
  21. eating away at dna.
  22. a man in the waiting room asked my race.
  23. people do that a lot.
  24. he looked confused
  25. and googled what do lebanese people look like 
  26. he held up the phone to compare to my features.
  27. i guess i can see it he said.



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