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We are now offering a free PDF of Rene Franco’s Proposal for an Empathetic Surveillance State, Eric Morago’s Feasting on Sky, Sara Khayat’s ¶:unspeakable poems and r. miller’s Separate Instances of Loneliness for free in exchange for an honest either full book review or brief Amazon review.

Email for your free copy today. Know someone that writes reviews? Send them our way. Just for referencing a reviewer, you receive a free PDF of any book of your choice.

Just tell them to mention you in their email along with your email address and we’ll contact you. 🙂


Run or know of any readings in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Pennsylvania, or Melbourne, and Canada? We’ll get you in contact with poets and friends.

Paper Plane Pilots is a writing community that supports other communities, publishers, and writers. We love to support our friends and peers to feed the literary community’s outreach.

Want to reach out just to reach out? Give us a shout!

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