first account

i can’t believe the first word was penis.
in the crossword.
what male lions have that females lack.
i think it’d be manes, sweetie.
i have an inappropriately strong desire to play with your hair right now.
i parked by the pink elephant!
so now what is 17 across.
fuck i have so many cookie dough bites for you.
i like to look up the scientific adjectives for animals.
i don’t think animals like to talk about it.
there is sadness everywhere.
the i-10.
we don’t say i here.
i want to be angry for once. i always just let people leave. like it’s okay or something.
i just don’t even feel like a person. people make me feel so small.
what does love taste like?
it tastes like humming bird blood.
yeah, it’s like… as long as they’re emotionally yours who gives a fuck.
there’s actually a reason i like ladybugs so much but it’s a long story.
i sometimes am not sure if you’re real.
i’m stuck on two words.
i don’t know about these choices.
i have an overwhelming sense of motivation today.
i was drowning in lostness.
the moon is so real about shit.
tell me you were joking.
i think i just wasn’t very comfortable.
how bad i smell right now has filled me with a vague sadness.
i’m glad you’re still here.
you missed a video chat with ****
sometimes i feel like everyone hates that they love me.
and then i feel like insta-depressed. just add water.
i think i’m going to add him to your dossier.
i would be very confused as to how to wash your hair. i wouldn’t know how to approach that.
i didn’t sleep… rather shook and whimpered.
what responsible thing are you up to?
i may have killed all of my mom’s plants.
i just convince myself they’d be better without me.
but then you remember how to feel love and it makes you feel disgusted with yourself.
i don’t know being alone makes me ugly.
i can’t really point to anyone that doesn’t hate themselves.
you’ve felt me.
i’m not too afraid.
i don’t think you’re capable of that.
well, i feel like i have to explain the rabbit hole.
i just feel guilt every time.
am i supposed to learn from this?
answer: next chance i get.
i’m allowing my dysfunction to ruin plans with you.
are you… still doing that?
it’s okay, cleaning makes me feel good.
did they do anything wrong or did they just not see me coming?
don’t remember me.
i made this when i was unemployed and bored.
yeah, i can’t really afford the good ones unfortunately.
i’m ready to disappear.
you’re not cowardly, you just don’t expect enough decency from people.
i don’t know it just makes me really self-aware.
19 years of saying nothing locked inside my chest.
i wouldn’t even know how to go about changing a person.
i’ll make you cool.
if you want.
what do you mean?
like hollywood-y.
this chocolate looks like a dick.
you gotta go with the fur, not against it.
the monster… she takes over.
i didn’t know these people. they were just random.
i’m such a paranoid person if you haven’t noticed.
the past exists. it just weighs too much.
i just can’t handle the shame.
little easily missable moments.
on a day-to-day basis people just want things done. they don’t want to feel emotional about it all.
no, you’re confusing things there. it’s the love itself that is difficult to bear, it’s not you.
mainly because when i feel, i feel.
my car is caked in ashes.
i’ll face it tomorrow.


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