Blood Puppets

I’d prefer to play it cool, baby.

yknow, this stately ventriloquism doesn’t look good on me.

I’m still high, so fuck it; the girls
love it when I play that heavy metal shit
and make sure they’re
a get-on-my-level kind of bitch.

Antiquated models
flicker out like a wet match. At
long fucking
you’ve asked me to embrace the past
and fuel this crusade
on a wave
of red-hot

There’s no immediate danger, but
you might want to step back.

I’ve attacked these walls so many times, and
the blast radius isn’t known
for its pretty colors.

If you were any other
type of girl
we’d already be dancing to the proximity mine explosions.

Syncopated showmanship, but
there’s no balaclavas in the amphitheater.

I know its last minute, but your nighttime clothing
will have to suffice–but, baby, don’t
you dare wear white.

This is a fucking horror show
you’ve signed up for, and
we don’t discriminate
bloodletting animals.

Cannibalistic performance, and
the witches burn the pure ones
at the fucking

Monsters in the making, and
we’re all out of
silver bullets.

Willie Watt


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