Empirical Psychedelia

Apologies in advance
if its vulgar to write it down, but
I saw a girl today on a street-corner downtown
and her perfect ass reminded me exactly of you.

Passenger-side slideshow view
I’m watching the space between hometown nostalgia and second-base Austin regalia
disappear in lipstick colored highway paraphernalia.

I get that each return journey
buries me in remembrance of melancholy second-chances, but
I’ve weathered enough intertextual storms
to absorb the second-hand contraband
to the liver.

Quiver of arrows, and
I’m no longer weaponless, even
when the cybernetic restlessness makes baggage claims
on my poorly administered acrobatics; poetic time signatures
suddenly pragmatic
despite the digitally idiosyncratic
apparatus; monochromatic absences, and
it’s starting to feel streamlined in an empirically vigorous way.

Stay for a while and watch the fireworks.

We’re burning empires
to try and understand
the underlying structures.

Willie Watt


One thought on “Empirical Psychedelia

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