Coriolis inertia.

Tourniquet burdened
with blood-laden
of fortune.

Controversial urchins
glittering aqua and purple
in the afterglow.

Stowaway rhetoric
delivered apropos, and
all I
see are cotton candy clouds on verdant horizons.

I’d close my eyelids, but
I don’t want to
miss a second
of the revery.

You’re everything
I let slip away
the last time around, and
I’ll be damned if I drown
without first seeing the submarine meridian dissipating into dialectic sublimity

with my own

Willie Watt

city off a hill

we sit silent      like prayers.

           buildings like    lightening bugs.

i left   a poem     on the fridge    for you.

i want   to scream         at you, but i don’t         know you.

          thank you         for taking         me       in

          you have to clear it all out.

                               like that?

home   on speed dial

       tethered                       like hope.

i’ve been told               that you’re                    listening

       i don’t understand        why

there’s so little             natural             light.



The Best I Never (really) Had

Six days
without a poem.

Magnum opus
on the back-burner.

I fucked her over the dresser,
and when I cleaned up the mess
two days later
your old love letter
had surfaced
to the top
of the pile.

Brutal irony,
and I wonder
how many similar escapades you’ve experienced since the flood took our memories away
on rainy day

Surrogate retrograde, and
cries with celestial
as the ultraviolet
assaults a city you no longer frequent.

Frequencies vibrating
at dangerous levels, and
we’re both embracing
the impending
black holes without our bulletproof vests.

I’d wish you the best,
but we’ve
both already
had it.

Willie Watt

Blood Puppets

I’d prefer to play it cool, baby.

yknow, this stately ventriloquism doesn’t look good on me.

I’m still high, so fuck it; the girls
love it when I play that heavy metal shit
and make sure they’re
a get-on-my-level kind of bitch.

Antiquated models
flicker out like a wet match. At
long fucking
you’ve asked me to embrace the past
and fuel this crusade
on a wave
of red-hot

There’s no immediate danger, but
you might want to step back.

I’ve attacked these walls so many times, and
the blast radius isn’t known
for its pretty colors.

If you were any other
type of girl
we’d already be dancing to the proximity mine explosions.

Syncopated showmanship, but
there’s no balaclavas in the amphitheater.

I know its last minute, but your nighttime clothing
will have to suffice–but, baby, don’t
you dare wear white.

This is a fucking horror show
you’ve signed up for, and
we don’t discriminate
bloodletting animals.

Cannibalistic performance, and
the witches burn the pure ones
at the fucking

Monsters in the making, and
we’re all out of
silver bullets.

Willie Watt


never thought i’d be here
listening to punk rock
and writing sonnets.

flew to saturn’s rings
on the propulsion of
bottle rockets.

turned my pockets
inside out
sat in silence.

internal clockwork
keeping time
with each act
of mental violence.

i tried being something else
so many times, but
every new smell
filled my mouth
with revulsion.

you told the story a different way, but
writers get the last word
on the day 
our collective fabrications
embed meaning
onto the cultural imagination.

satanic expatriation, and
we revel in
inky darkness
until the light eclipses elongated shadows.

hallowed be thy
battle with nighttime.

i will live a thousand re-appropriated 
lifetimes, and
you’ll still have

nothing more than
smoke and blood

and sun-soaked

Willie Watt



in the daydream, you bred light and photographed ghosts. ripples were wrinkles that formed where your lips met. you spoke to skeletons about today’s war. the chess game is silent.

in this version, you don’t build windchimes. you don’t find peace. in this version, you are not the standing ovation. you are creaking light.

shhhh open your palm and ask for a ghost. end the night with worry. sink into growth. the daydream was never a promise. it was never pixels or skin or choice.

you bow your head, your back to the violent sun.

please forgive me for cradling you before you left without your light.

Poison Street

I’ve tried
And now I’m tired
I tried to be support
And push us to better ourselves
Moving away from the things
That make us terrible people

I tried to do this with you
But two days and you were gone
Running back up to these poisons
And poisonous people
That you once said you hated

I wanted to start this with you
We were freshening our souls
And beginning something wonderful
Now I’m starting to believe you like the dark
The poison; The hate

You want the reckless and the terrible
The beaten and the stupid
I can feel it in my heart
You don’t want to tear away from it

You say you want this new life together
As you run as far away from it as possible

I want to help you and support you
In reaching these goals that have been set
For years this has been coming
But suddenly now it’s here
And you are nowhere to be seen

I feel betrayed and hurt
Because I trust you
Then I leave for a moment
And suddenly you’re back
To those old ways
Never staying sober
Long enough to care
Or remember our relationship
Or anything you want in this life

I’ve tried
And now I’m tired
Of worrying and feeling alone
Living this life we wanted
But now it’s just me here
While you run wild
In the streets you swore
We left behind